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Abandoned Mother Returns The Favor To Her 14 Ungrateful Kids

Elly Tan, a 79-year-old woman from Cape Town, has been a loving wife and mother all her life. She has always been an engaged parent. And after her 14 children started showing all their love and respect to Elly, she attains happiness again.

It happened so that 5 years ago Elly`s family had to ride the storm and nobody could ever expect such an awful tragedy to come. Elly`s husband passed away – he died in a car accident, so she needed her kids` support to overcome a dark period. It was too difficult to wake up to the fact that her better half went out this world. But all of them were too busy with their own lives – they were caring for their families, building careers or just living in other cities. The fact remains – none of them gave an eye to their mother.


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Elly`s neighbor and a close friend Maia Lee commented the situation: “I`ve known Elly for many years – I don`t even remember the time I was without her. She`s a good person and a devoting mother. To take care of her children, she was obliged to sacrifice her nursing career, but she never told me she was mighty sorry to choose this way. And now it’s a high time for her kids to take care of her – she deserves it.”

Unfortunately, all of the 14 children had another opinion. They decided the best way to take care of their mother was to send her to the Caring Center, where she would be shored up and would get professional help. It`s a pity they made up their minds so fast and without hesitating. After they sent her out to the Caring Center, they steered clear of her and Elly found herself spending her days far away from her closest people. Maia and several relatives saw her at intervals, but none of her 14 children visited her just for once.

It was a blessing in disguise. One Saturday morning Elly got a letter that said, Elly Tan stinks of money! At first, she thought it was an evil joke, but then she realized – that amount of money belonged to her dead husband, who used to be a stockjobber. Nobody knew about that money, and only Elly could manage his funds.

This gold-hearted woman decided to donate most of the sum to the Elderly Care since that place became her second home and people around her managed to become her second family. She said: “I don`t need so much money. But I wish I could help these lonely folks to find some joy and happiness. I hope it will help them.”

Unfortunately, we`ve got no comments from Elly`s children. Probably, they are ashamed and sorry for being so cold and uncaring towards their mother. We hope it will be a good lesson for them and maybe they will find some compassion in their souls. The most important thing is to be grateful, isn`t it? May they learn it.

At Aleksa Training we`re cut to the heart by Elly Tan`s story, so we decided to send some cute presents to all elderly people from the Senior Care. Enjoy it!

Share this story with your relatives and friends. Maybe it will help somebody and prevent old people from being abandoned.

What do you think – has Elly`s decision been right? Or should she have shared her fortune with her kids?

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