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Beware of a new scam targeting BPI card holders

A new scam targeting BPI cardholders – Do you have a BPI account? You may be a target of this new scam that will try to take your personal information as well as BPI account info.

Two netizens shared different emails they received which they thought were from BPI but were actually from fraudulent individuals trying to phish personal and credit information from gullible BPI cardholders. One netizen said, “Hi Friends, just would like to inform u about a modus we recently discovered. My cousin received this email (green desktop pic) supposedly from bpi regarding fund transfer confirmation.


new scam targeting BPI card holders


She asked me about it cos she knew my bpi online is activated. She was wondering because it wasn't any of her current or old account numbers and she was asked to “verify” her account.

I told her it was sketchy cos I compared it to a legit email by bpi funds transfer that was sent to me. It has my name on it and it didn't require verification. Note that the “i” on the bpi email seemed different also.

She called bpi and they confirmed that it was a phising email and it was a good thing she didn't click anything so her account was not compromised. JUST A REMINDER TO EVERYONE.

Please also inform our not so techie friends who may fall for this modus. #bpi #scam #modus #phishing”


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