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British defends OFWs against the Jordanian actress who mocks Filipinos: Without Filipinos, the Middle East would be in great crisis.

British defends OFWs against the Jordanian actress: British Pinoy at heart and founder of FIL EVENT Malcolm Conlan defended the Filipino OFWs abroad who got mocked by Jordanian actress Mais Hamdan in an entertainment show in Middle East.

Conlan, who got many Filipino friends was also expressed her anger towards the actress who already apologized on Sunday after she received thousands of online attacks from angry OFWs.

He also explained how the Middle East badly needed the service of the Filipinos who left their family in the Philippines just to work for foreigners.

“Without Filipinos, the Middle East would be in great crisis.” Conlan said.



“Try leaving your children to be cared for by relatives, 4,500 Miles away for year upon year, ending up earning very little and being treated as a slave, only to find when you finally go back home, your children don’t remember you!!!” he added.

In a 30 minute video, Conlan expressed her disappointment to what Mais Hamdan said in the talk show aired several years ago.

He also explained the sacrifices of the Filipinos abroad like working 18 hours a day and only receiving 100-150 British pounds (6,000-9000 PHP)  a month.

“Before she mocks and insults Filipinos by making some kind of joke, she should look into circumstances and she must be careful of what she’s doing,” Conlan said.

According to him, Hamdan can make the people laugh without making fun of other races.

“You know Filipinos make great sacrifices, in terms of going abroad, to another country. They sacrifice their family and their children.” he said.

“Many of them even can’t see their children, can’t even attend the graduation of their children, they are not there when their child learns to walk or when their children goes to different stages of their life. That’s the thing you[Mais] look at,” he added.

Comlan was annoyed by what the Jordanian actress did because it might destroy the reputation of the Filipino workers abroad resulting to lessen jobs for OFWs.

As a British with a Filipino family, he said that he would not do the same insulting thing that Hamdan did.

He is also hoping that someday, working abroad would be a ‘choice and not a neccessity’ to the Filipinos.

After knowing that Hamdan already apologized to the Filipinos, Malcolm released a statement and he said that so ‘many times foreigners made fun of Filipinos and then apologized and think that’s the end of story,”

“This needs to change,” Conlan said.

He also said that he’s grateful that Hamdan’s apology, but he wondered why the actress did that.

“Did she apologize because she generally meant it or did she apologize because she knew that it would affect her career or she knows Filipino would be angry with her, is that the reason why she apologize?”  he said.

“And if she makes fun of Filipinos, what she’s doing in her own house, did she have Filipino workers? Is she making a joke out of them? you know these are the questions that we need to be asking,” he added.

According to the latest statistics of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) there are already 2.2 million Filipinos working abroad to support their family in the Philippines.

23% of these OFWs work in Saudi Arabia. The other preferred destinations were United Arab Emirates (15.9%), Europe (6.6%),Kuwait (6.4%), and Qatar (6.2%)

They are also consider as hero for helping the economy of the Philippines, the total remittance sent by OFWs during the period April to September 2016 was estimated at 203.0 billion pesos

Hundreds of them experienced abuse and discrimination  but despite of these, they still preferred to work abroad than their own country because they wanted to give a good future to their family.


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