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Turmeric and ginger contain a vast wealth of medicinal benefits when you use them alone but when they are combined to make a ginger turmeric tea, you will get even more value from your products. The various phytochemicals contained in both ginger and turmeric, interact well together to give you greater potency.


Both turmeric and ginger have anti-inflammatory actions that have been well documented. When used in combination, these herbs can relieve swelling in the body and help alleviate the associated pain.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that turmeric can help treat a range of inflammatory conditions including indigestion, swelling in the joints, rheumatism, arthritis and IBS. (1)

Ginger is also a natural anti-inflammatory food. According to one piece of research, it has similar effects to commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory medications or NSAIDs.





Ginger turmeric tea can have a very positive effect on blood sugar levels and help people with diabetics keep their levels under control.


Both ginger and turmeric have powerful antimicrobial properties. One study compared the antibacterial activity of ginger with commonly prescribed antibiotics and found it could kill various strains as well as conventional antibiotics.

Curcumin has also demonstrated powerful anti-fungal abilities in the lab. (6) A combination of these two herbs will exert very powerful antimicrobial actions on the body.



Several studies have demonstrated that both turmeric and ginger may protect us from cancer. One study concluded that curcumin had anti-cancer effects and could suppress the initiation and progression of various tumors. (7)

Various studies have demonstrated that ginger is effective against gastrointestinal, breast and ovarian cancers. Studies into the effects of turmeric suggest it is may be effective against lung and bladder cancer. Researchers believe that the antioxidant properties of the herbs are mostly responsible for these effects.


The antioxidants contained in the herbs may also play a vital role in cognitive health and protect against cognitive decline.
Researchers have found that a compound contained in ginger called 6-shogaol has anti-inflammatory effects on the brain and may help improve memory. According to researchers it may help naturally treat some of the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Both ginger and curcumin can have a very positive impact on the health of your heart in a variety of ways.

One study found that curcumin extract helped reduce blood clots and prevented inflammation and irregular heartbeats. (12) Similarly, studies have found that ginger has various heart health benefits. Two studies have demonstrated that ginger could help prevent palpitations and reduce high blood pressure.


Ginger and turmeric either consumed alone or in tandem can relieve a variety of digestive ills. Studies have demonstrated that ginger helps reduce inflammation of the stomach, aids the passage of food and helps relieve indigestion. (17) (18) Other studies have found that ginger can help prevent vomiting and feelings of nausea.

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