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Glamorous TV Presenter Left Embarrassed After TOOTH Falls Out On Live TV Show

Viewers of Puerto Rican TV show Lo Se Todo – translated as I Know Everything – were shocked when the presenter’s tooth fell out LIVE on the show.

Sonya Cortes, 56, was giving a big smile to the camera when an upper-right incisor or premolar dropped out of her mouth.

In the clip, she instantly closes her mouth and looks around for it.

However, despite there clearly being a gap in her mouth where the tooth has fallen from, Sony has insisted the white object was just a sweet.




She explained in a video posted on her social media account: “I was not able to eat it, because I could have suffocated.

“Things that happen to me do not happen to anyone else.

“I have to admit that my boss asked for a meeting with me and she was angry because I love having chewing gum in my mouth, I love sweeties.

“Today I was told to run to the stage as the program was about to start and I had just eaten a sweet and I was trying to pretend nothing had happened, but I could not, because I was about to suffocate.

Many viewers were left sceptical of Sonya’s explanation, insisting it was a tooth.

And reporter Ivette Sosa defended the presenter, saying: “Losing a tooth should not be mocked by anyone.

“I consider these jokes as a lack of respect!”

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