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Look: Our fave Kris Aquino’s ‘BURN’ moments

Media Kris Aquino is pwede ring Queen of Savage Replies. Kasi nga, she is now known  for lashing back at her bashers. Pero she would do that in colorful ways.

In a her post last night,  Kris posted a photo of her old flame, Mayor Herbert Bautista. Binabati kasi nya ito after the mayor earned a new title — Brigadier General (Reserve) ng Philippine Army.

A basher wanting to make fun of the post said “In love nanaman si Kris” which prompted Kris to answer back.


“@amrodenharon I remember you, ikaw yung nagsabing i was looking old in a previous post- i know i was raised better than to put you in your place BUT since you seem to need a reality check – beauty brands still pay me millions to endorse their products so i must have something appealing to their consumers. 2nd just on the presumption i choose to fall in love again -will you lose part of your inheritance? Kasi hindi Josh or Bimb ang pangalan mo so financially walang effect sa’yo.”

Sa language of millennials “BURN!”

Looking back we decided to view our most favorite Kris Aquino social media burn moments.

  1. Underwear. In 2015, a basher posted a homophobic comment sa isang picture nila ng kanyang anak na si Bimb, in which Kris replied “Papatol na sana ako, but I had the good sense of checking your IG. OMG where can I send the Bench GCs so you can buy proper underwear. Act of charity ko na!”
  2.  Halo-halo. Last year, October 2017 a basher commented “Yan ba ang example mo, ang kumain sa bed? May sakit ba kayo para dyan kumain? Bakit hindi kayo sa kusina kumain? Be a good example.” in which Kris replied “OMG – parang may napatay na ko sa level ng galit mo – can I send you chowking halo2 para you can chill???”Actually dahil sa post na ito nagkaroon pa ng event in which namigay si Kris ng halo-halo.
  3.  Hindi ako tatakbo. Last February, seemingly fed up sa mga nambabash sa kanya sa pagpasok sa politika, tinuldukan ni Kris ang usapan sa pagsagot sa isang basher ng mahabang post. Excerpt:  “How many times do i need to REPEAT- i have no political plans for 2019- so your demolition job is way too early. Strategic planning please? I am not my Mom & i am not Noy- in other words i am not like them who will choose dignified silence & humility.“HINDI AKO MABAIT especially pag nananahimik akong nagtatrabaho & nagsusumikap na maging mabuting ina, pero binabalahura pa rin ang pagkatao ko.”
  4. Mocha coffee? Actually last year pa napapabalita na tatakbo daw si Kris sa Senado which prompted PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson to post “I have nothing against Kris Aquino as long as she won’t run for public office. She is nice in person but another Aquino in goverment is just going back to your ‘unfaithful BF’ again and again. Tama na ang ilang palpak na relationship (Cory, PNoy and Bam).“Kaya as long as Kris is a private person and not in government I think hindi dapat siya i-bash. Hindi niya kasalanan pinanganak siyang AQUINO. Wag lang talaga siya tatakbo o papasok sa gobyerno ibang usapan na yun.”In which Kris replied. ““P.S. Kaya please wag nang mag lecture about an ‘unfaithful boyfriend?’ Honestly, summa cum laude na po ako sa kurso ng How To Get Over an EX. Having said that, may I invite the blog post author to a Nespresso? Coffee naman tayo pag may time? After all i’m nice in person.” Teka diba ngayong taon lang din inimbitahan nya si Presidential son Paolo Duterte na magkape o mag-inuman?

Say what you will about Kris pero she knows how to respond with wit and charm.


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