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LOOK: Texas man drinks an entire bottle of whiskey

This is the reckless moment a Texas man drank an entire bottle of whiskey in nearly 30 seconds.

Chris Lee Seaver was dared by a friend to consume the entirety of the 750ml bottle without spitting any of the liquid out, winning a $200 reward in the process.

The contractor was captured at his home in Forth Worth, Texas, USA, unpacking the Grand Reserve Texas Select Club bottle of whiskey before saying ‘Cheers' and downing the alcohol.

However, Chris claims he was left feeling like he was ‘dying' as he experienced hot and cold flushes and chronic sickness for a day after the April 20 stunt this year.

Moments before attempting the dangerous act Chris states: ‘This is how real Texans drink their alcohol.'

Chris said: ‘This was my first time drinking an entire bottle of whiskey.

‘I wouldn't consider myself to be a lightweight, though I felt like I was dying after. One moment I was having hot flushes, the next I was cold.'

Chris added: ‘It was insane. I don't plan to do this again. I'll just stick to the normal style of how you should drink.'

The 25-year-old has since racked up over 30,000 views online, with viewers reactions varying from shock to respect, while others branded him stupid.

One said: ‘Alcohol poisoning anyone?'

Drinking a bottle of whiskey so fast can prove to be damaging – or even fatal – for the body because of how quickly the alcohol hits the bloodstream.

Experts recommend for people to only drink an average of 14 units of alcohol per week to avoid negative side effects.

There have also been suggestions that the drink might have been watered down or swapped for some kind of tea.

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