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Marami Ang Nagulat Sa Matandang Ito Ng Tangalin Niya Ang Takip Ng Kanyang Ulo!

What is he hiding? Is it important? I bet it's really cool!

Today, everyone is enjoying the privilege of having free access to modern technology. People are allowed to do incredible things.
The advancement that the world created is amazing but at the same time complicated. Every day it becomes even more advanced because of frequent modifications. Luckily, we have people that dedicated their time and knowledge create a wondrous invention that is more user-friendly for us.
With those efforts, people all over the world have the opportunity to enjoy this. The most popular applications developers have created are Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Some of which are being used a form of interaction with others.
We should express our gratitude to the individuals who made it possible and show them our appreciation. Now, with all of these social media platforms available for use people have the ability to communicate, transact and earn money for a living online.
Others use it to socialize with others virtually by sharing a photo, making a comment and creating a video. Also, one of the best features the internet has to offer is the ability to get the latest news and updates. In a click of a button, you can already obtain the most viral topic just like the story of a 50-years old man that was hiding something underneath his scarf located on his head.
A video from a Youtube channel uploaded by Weird Animals had gone viral when a netizens something on his head. Many questions were asked and some speculation was created. but this time, the man decided to show it to the public to satisfy our curiosity.
Nowadays, people are becoming meticulous on what they are wearing. Many prefer to dress appropriately depending on the occasion or event they are going to. Because of this, outfit of the day is becoming a trend and people usually post how they look online. With matching colors of clothes, accessories and even jewelry!
Right now, Style is more popular with women. They wear different attires to go along with fashion. People are more attracted to it especially if the combination is adorable and cute.
Well, this man right here is different. He is using a scarf for the last 50 years to hide something in public.
An old man from Vietnam named Tran Van Hay, as you can in this photo you will notice something huge in his head. Obviously, he is hiding something but the real question is “What is he hiding?”. Many still remain clueless.
Good news is, after 5 decades, the man finally revealed what's hidden all this time and it turns out he's been hiding a 22-foot long dreadlock weighing over 23 pounds.
It was spectacular! He was 25 years old when he last had a haircut but there is a reason why he grew this for so long.
When he was still young, Tran Van Hay had a traumatizing experience after he got a haircut and became extremely sick. Since then, he decided to stop getting one.
Well, over time his hair grew long and had to put a scarf on it. The reason was to hide it from the public and to prevent anyone from stepping on his hair.
Watch the video below for more details!
What do you think about his hair? Share us your thought and leave a message in the section below!

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