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Sanofi declines anew DOH’s request for refund of unused Dengvaxia

Dengvaxia maker Sanofi Pasteur said it had again turned down the Department of Health's (DOH) request to refund the Philippine government for the used doses of the controversial dengue vaccine.

Sanofi Pasteur said it formally turned down the DOH's request for refund and financial support to an indemnification fund for Dengvaxia recipients on Monday morning.

“As we did in our previous reply to the DOH on 5 February, 2018, we respectfully declined both requests,” the company said.

“We stand firmly behind our product. Refunding the used doses of Dengvaxia would imply that the vaccine is ineffective, which is not the case,” it added.

The pharmaceutical company also said that there was still no known reason for indemnification.

It is the second time that the pharmaceutical company had turned down the DOH's request for refund for the unused doses of Dengvaxia and to support an indemnification fund.

“Our concern and empathy remains with any and all individuals and families that have been affected by these difficult circumstances,” it said.

Sanofi Pasteur said it is still willing to work with the DOH to find ways to combat dengue in the Philippines.

It insisted that Dengvaxia will help in the reduction of dengue cases in the country.

“We remind you that no vaccine is 100% protective. Dengvaxia, like all other vaccines, has never claimed 100% efficacy in its approved label,” it added.


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The company has earlier returned P1.4 billion to the Philippine government for the unused Dengvaxia doses.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque halted the Philippines' dengue immunization program after Sanofi Pasteur issued an advisory that Dengvaxia should not be given to people who have not been afflicted with dengue and that it may cause severe dengue in the long run. — GMA News

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