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The things women secretly want in bed but are too embarrassed to ask

Love is the most powerful connection that one could ever have to another. Love can take all sorts of form, by saying ‘I love you’, ‘take care’ or through simple gestures like a hug or a kiss, and even making love – things women secretly want in bed.

We all have different ways of expressing love. But women in particular have been taught to be reserved and behave themselves well.


Especially in a conservative country like the Philippines, women are being groomed to be ‘Maria Clara’s’, a traditional Filipina. This is why sometimes, women are very soft spoken about the things they like, or what they want from a man.


Despite the things they want you to do, know that they’ll never ask you to so might as well figure out now and start openly communicating with her later.

When having a sexy time, women don’t want you to be too predictable. Don’t plan your sexy time or scheduled it on specific days.

Those kinds of things bore women out. You need to be more spontaneous and act out of the box and that will totally get her interest more. Try new things, she’ll definitely love that.


Surprise her every once in a while. Don’t do the same things over and over again.

Try to be more sensuous. This may sound too cliché, but this definitely works.

Treat her like a queen, pamper her with sweet things. Give her flowers or put petals on the room up to the bed. Prepare a champagne and pour her a glass. Touch her face and tell her she’s beautiful.

Kiss her gently, look into her eyes, then kiss her again. Take the lead and she will follow.

Women may have been taught to act primitive but they in their fantasies, they love to do it hard sometimes.

But when you do, make sure to still have respect and mind the words that you use because it might make her feel uncomfortable.

There are also times when women become interested in foreplay. Allow the inner actor in you to come out every once in a while to play and perform in the bedroom.

Studies show that women prefer to have sexy time in the morning than at night. To do it a little out of the box, try to have an early sexy time and girls would like that.



Cook her a nice breakfast, breakfast in bed is also a nice idea. You can also try waking her up through a kiss like the sleeping beauty she is. That or you can massage her a bit, it’s up to you.

You’ll never expect how she can quickly turn into a morning person.

And while sexy time is a part of married life, open communication is also a big part of it. In fact, such communication makes the relationship stronger and healthier because you get to talk about anything and sometimes, nothing at all.

There are times when girls will be afraid to talk to you about some things. Months or even years in the relationship and she still couldn’t open up then something is wrong with you.

She will learn to speak up and told you about different things only if she feel that toy are interested in her thoughts as well. So start by sending her text messages, talk to her always.

Girls get bored when sexy time ended so fast. Learn to appreciate every part of her, value her curves and imperfections. Don’t just do it like you’re always in a hurry.

Also, she will appreciate it more if you do it slowly, it makes her feel like she is being taken care of very well like a fragile glass. Try to explore her, savor the moment, look into her eyes, do more kissing. Do not rush sexy time.

Also, she may not admit it but she likes oral. You just need to figure out by working your way slowly. Start by kissing her from the neck down or if not ask her.

Kiss her passionately and when you feel like she’s ready, do it. Slowly undress her, be more sensual and try not to rush this. Do the work and undress her. And her hands will automatically run down your shirt.

Lastly, women also wants to have sexy time outside the bedroom. Again, try to be more adventurous, make her feel like it isn’t only perfect in bed.


John Lloyd-Ellen muling nagpasilip sa IG


Other places work too. Try it in the shower, the car, the work desk, anywhere. Make her feel that she’s always wanted.

But whatever you do, it is important to understand that sexy time isn’t the only thing in her mind that you should listen or pay attention to.

Listen also to her stories about how her day went. Be it stories about how much she have fun with her friends, or how much she hates that girl she caught staring at you.

Another thing to take note of is that these things doesn’t make her less of a woman, and it doesn’t make you more of a man either. So learn to always have respect and don’t perceive her as someone who always needs you.

Because in the end, she’s with you because she wants to and not because she needs you. She wants you but you didn’t make her want you.

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