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Woman Caught on CCTV Stealing Her Friend’s iPhone 6 Plus from Her Bag

Woman Caught on CCTV Stealing Her Friend’s iPhone 6 – Sometimes, criminals are closer to you than you think.

There are children who steal change from their mom’s wallet, or sibling taking things from each other from time to time. However, there are friends who take advantage of others by taking what isn’t theirs is another story. One netizen expressed anger over her friend’s “betrayal” by taking her phone when she left her bag with the thief.

According to the victim, she left her bag with her “friend” because she never thought she’d betray her like that.



According to Christine Dapiton, she and Maria Angela Licayan are no strangers. As a matter of fact, Christine helped Licayan and befriended her previous to the theft. Christine left her bag with Licayan, trusting her it because they were considered “friends”. But when Christine later realized that she had lost her phone, she asked her company to show her the CCTV footage.



To her shock, Licayan was seen taking the phone from Christine’s bag after it was left with her for some time.  Betrayed and enraged, Christine took her experience to social media to warn others about Licayan (and people like her), hoping that someone would come forward and help her locate Licayan and recover her stolen phone.

Many netizens were in shock and disbelief, especially after seeing how good-looking Licayan was. Her face didn’t show that of a thief—and a traitor at that. Christine says she already filed a formal complaint against Licayan.

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