story of Toby

24 Week-Old Premature Baby Toby’s Journey

This is the story of Toby—the baby who fought his way through the initial moments of his life. He was born 3 months and a week before the due date in the 24th week of pregnancy.


story of Toby


Now a healthy and grown up toddler, Toby stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for months together. However, he showed viable signs by sporadically twitching his tiny hands and feet when he was just 12-hours-old, which gave his parents some hope in times of worry and despair.


story of Toby


Babies born prematurely in the 24th week haven’t yet developed their airways and few cells in their lungs have only started to develop—it makes it difficult to breathe on their own. At this stage, they need a respiratory support system or a ventilator. Toby was kept on the ventilator and received his nutrition via a tube that went through his mouth into the stomach.


story of Toby


Yet, he constantly showed signs of improvement by being alert and actively responsive to the sounds of his mom and dad.


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