More than 40% of voters may still change minds before elections

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Despite the lowest percentage of voters declaring they are still undecided, over 40 % are ready to change their minds weeks prior to the elections, based on survey results.

During the pre-debate program of the 3rd and final leg of the #PiliPinasDebates2016 on Sunday held at the University of Pangasinan, political analyst Prospero De Vera asserted when asked about their probability to change voter preference prior to the elections, up to 50 % answered definitely yes.

According to De Vera, only 5 % said that they are still uncertain right now. However, over 40% confirmed that they are still open to changing their minds until election day.

“In all the surveys that were asked, even if only 5 percent of voters say they have not chosen a presidential candidate, that looks small, only 5 percent,” De Vera said.

“But for the 95 percent who have chosen their presidential candidate, when they were asked the question, ‘Can you still change your mind between now and Election Day?’ more than 40% said they are still open to changing their minds,” he explained.

“There is a big percentage of voters who can still change [voter preference],” he added.

Moreover, De Vera emphasized the significance of the last few weeks leading to Election Day.

According to the political analyst, more than a quarter of the voting public make their decision in the last three weeks of the campaign.

“Another important thing to remember is, in the surveys that were run, not only now but also in previous elections, as many as 26 percent of voters say they make their decision in the last three weeks of the campaign,” De Vera said.

Sunday’s debate hosted by ABS-CBN, in cooperation with Manila Bulletin, marked the start of the last two weeks leading to the May 9 national elections.


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