A covid-19 breath test can give results In 60 seconds

A covid-19 breath test can give results In 60 seconds

“Despite positive news of vaccines, screening is still necessary to control the pandemic. Our breath test system will provide a rapid, non-invasive, and affordable solution for mass screening.” — Breathonix

Breathonix is a Singapore start-up that revolutionizes covid testing. Their BreFence™ Go COVID-19 Breath Test System brings results in just 60 seconds and at a lower price than RT PCR tests. Their system uses your exhaled breath to test for VOC (volatile organic compounds). The VOCs exhaled by covid infected persons are different from those for healthy persons. The system promises to not only work for Covid but also for detecting Lung Cancer, Nasopharyngeal Cancer, and even Tuberculosis. Breathonix already has a provisional authority to use this in Singapore from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and is currently deploying it in Tuas Checkpoint in Singapore. HSA is the national authority regulating health products, managing the national blood bank, transfusion medicine, forensic medicine expertise, and critical forensic and analytical laboratory services.

BreFence Go has an accuracy of 85.7% sensitivity and 97% specificity with non-AI. Clinical Trials are ongoing with AI to further improve accuracy. Each breath test is significantly more affordable than a PCR swab test and does not require trained healthcare professionals to operate. Learn more by watching our interview with Mr. Wayne Wee, one of the four founders of Breathonix.






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