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Annulment ng Church Wedding Ay Magiging Libre Na At Madali


It is the will of God to preserve the sacredness of marriage for a long time but due to the various changes that are happening in the world presently this kind of matter often does not succeed.

It is divine and is treated as a spiritual union but unluckily, many cases and events that have made the importance of marriage hazy.

After the remarkable proclamation of the Roman Catholic religious leader Pope Francis, that annulment process will be made easy and the availability is free, the Church leaders perceive that there will be an increase in the volume of annulment cases in the nation.

This makes the diocese the power to arbitrates of the church annulment, having their own court where every case will be the judge.

Firstly, the annulment will usually start at the diocese wherein the leaders will have a decision whether the marriage can be invalid and cancel and it will be sent to Appellate Matrimonial Tribunal so they will check it.

In some instances that the proceedings have disagreements at the Court of Appeals, it will be forwarded to Rome.

Taking into consideration how long will it takes each annulment case is handled, church annulment with complete requirements will be handled in less than 60 days which is faster than the civil annulments that reach up to almost 6 years.

For your information, a family lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan clarifies that the church annulment is different from civil annulment. Because of the separation of the church and state, the church annulment will not be accepted by the Civil Law, and they will be checking these couples as married and responsible for any legal civil concerns unless they have been acknowledged the civil annulment.

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