Apple unveils redesigned MacBooks with new M1Pro and M1

Apple unveils redesigned MacBooks with new M1Pro and M1 Max

In Apple’s recent event they announced the new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. Also, their displays have notches now too.

The redesign makes it sharper, crisper, and more modern to the eyes with its square-ish look. HDMI and SD card readers are back too, which is always a big welcome (at least for me), and comes with a MagSafe 3 connector.

The body is all aluminum but Apple claims the redesign allows 50 percent more airflow, making it quieter than the previous MacBook Pro model.

The Liquid Retina Pro XDR (which is a 120MHz ProMotion Mini LED) has slimmer bezels than previous MacBook models. But there is a notch that comes with a built-in 1080p webcam. Frustratingly, it doesn’t include Face ID for some reason. In terms of brightness, it can go up to 1,600 nits.

But the real stars here that make the MacBooks shine are the new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. Both of them have 10 CPU cores, the M1 Pro can have a 14 or 16-core GPU, while the M1 Max can have 24 or 32.

The Touch Bar is also out and standard functional keys make a big return.

According to the Apple website, the new MacBooks start at P146,990, followed by P158,990, and finally the P206,990. Definitely in the high-end segment.






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