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Ateneo kicks out bully student (Joaquin Montes) after ‘thorough investigation

Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) has dismissed the student involved in the bullying incident caught on video, which went viral on social media recently.

In a statement, President Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin SJ said that after “thorough investigation” and meeting with both parties concerned, the administration of the university decided to dismiss the bully student.


The decision of the administration is to impose the penalty of dismissal on the student caught bullying another student in the comfort room of the school,” Villarin said Sunday.

“This means that he is no longer allowed to come back to the Ateneo,” he added.

According to Villarin, he already talked to the families concerned regarding the decision and offered support for them to overcome the incident.

He also said further investigation is already underway “as there are other matters involved in the incident.”

Last week, social media became abuzz about a viral video that showed an Ateneo Junior High School (AJHS) student – a taekwondo gold medalist – kicking and punching a fellow student inside the comfort room.

Other videos that subsequently surfaced online showed the same student forcing other students to admit their idiocy and kiss his shoes.

Senators and even a Palace official immediately expressed alarm over the incident.



Mga magulang ng bullied Ateneo student nag file ng report sa pulisya


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