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Babaeng Nanalo umano ng 650,000, tinuruan ng leksyon ang scammer

The Facebook user, Jeaneth Trisha Morales, shares her experiences after receiving a fake message that she won 650,000 pesos.

According to her, she did not do anything, so it means that there is no way for her to win big amounts of money.

We all know that the raffle scam is been around for a decade now, and a lot of people are already been victimized about it because the sender is asking for a load to claim her prize. After the victim has send the load that the scammer was asking, the person will block the number and boom, no raffle prize. It is also been featured in the television shows and the Philippine National Police are continuously saying that this kind of raffle winners do not exist.

photo from Jeaneth Trisha Morales

However, the poster is very aware of this and she decided to prank the caller. She pretended to be a convinced winner as she acted like a fool. The suspect seems to be happy but he knows how to hide it as he is giving instructions to the call. He did not know that he was currently being filmed online. It is pretty bad decision for Jeaneth to do it but let’s take credit that the post that she revealed in Facebook is just for fun and because the scam is been rampant, she does not have a choice but to do it.


The post that Jeaneth made gets more than 6,900 reactions, 8,800 shares and more than 1,500 comments. A lot of people are also laughing about this incident because she is the only one who dared to troll a scammer. Some people also feel bad for it because she created something like this. But just like the world, there will be always good and wrong perspective of the people.

Furthermore, she will be more known especially for the bad guy that she had a conversation with.

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