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Bilibid inmate complains about meals: Puro sabaw, walang laman!

Bilibid inmate complains about meals

Bilibid inmate complains about meals: An inmate at the New Bilibid Prison revealed that a number of prisoners die there yearly because the food they eat lacks nutrients.

Geoffrey Gamboa’s revelation at the Senate hearing on the alleged corruption inside the Bureau of Corrections isn’t surprising considering that the daily budget for each inmate’s food is only P39.

Sa totoo lang, puro sabaw, walang laman, at walang lasa kaya namamatay ang preso dahil walang bitaminang kinakain,” Gamboa said.

Senator Panfilo Lacson questioned Angeline Bautista, whose company got the catering contract for NBP, about how the budget for inmates’ is being spent.

He said BuCor had a P1.029-billion budget in 2018 to feed 47,000 inmates. This translates to around P60 per prisoner.

“Bakit papakainin mo ang preso ng P39 kung ang budget na binibigay is P60, at least nung 2018? Saan napunta ang balanse?” Lacson asked Bautista.

The caterer said the remaining P21 per inmate is spent on other activities they participate in inside NBP.

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