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Bring good luck into your household as you welcome 2018

New year, new possibilities! The year 2017 might have been struggle for some and to turn that around, we  consulted with Feng Shui expert Jean Chua to help make 2018 a better, more prosperous year.

It's hard to tell what the future holds, but here are some old rituals you could choose to follow to attract a little bit of luck.

1. Remove all the clutter away from the door. The idea is to let good fortune flow inside the house. It's always a good idea to make sure that pathways are clear, in the event of an emergency, so it shouldn't be a lot of trouble to keep the doorway clear of obstructions.

2. Affix nine ampaw to the door. If you're crafty, there's the option of turning the red envelopes into a lantern, but it's enough to stick nine of them on the door to make sure that luck is on your side for 2018.

3. Use nine coins to make an arrow pointing towards the house. Nine is the number of luck and the arrow guides it in. Don't forget to place a mat, preferably green, over the coins.

4. Keep the lights on in the living room on New Year's Eve. Welcome 2018 with brightness! You may also choose to purchase a new prosperity basket and fill it with rice. Place this on the table at the center of the room with a picture of the family to help ensure good relations in 2018.

5. Put up yellow curtains and keep the windows open. The lucky color of the year is gold and yellow and hanging curtains in this shade draws happiness, confidence, and good relationships.

“Unang Hirit” host Lyn Ching reminded the public that these are just rituals. Achieving your dreams takes determination and hard work.

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