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Canadian vlogger “Kulas” tapped as PH tourism ambassador

PH tourism ambassador

This Canadian vlogger loves the Philippines so much, he has been tapped as PH tourism ambassador by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) to help promote the country.

Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann, more popularly known as the vlogger behind the Becoming Filipino channel on YouTube, recently visited the TPB office to finalize what he described as “an amazing partnership.”

On Facebook, Jennermann gave details of his meeting with TPB chief operating officer Venus Tan. 

According to the vlogger, Tan wants him to “give talks at national and regional tourism conferences in the Philippines,” such as the Philippine Travel Mart in Pasay City this August 31.

On top of this, Jennerman will be traveling the Philippines with a national tourism team to help “assess sustainable community-based tourism practices.”

“After five and a half years, Becoming Filipino is partnering with the Tourism Promotions Board!” he said. “Thank you for believing in me!”

Jennermann went on to emphasize that everyone can be tourism ambassadors like him: “Do you know what really overwhelms me? I realized that you, yes you reading this, you can be a part of this! I told the TPB I would like to openly share everything here online, ask for ideas, help, and education from you.”

“I always say it, we can all be tourism ambassadors! And now I truly feel like we, as an online community, have all become one!”

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