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Chinese flags are now being sold in Luneta Park as Philippine Independence Day draws near

Philippine Independence Day

In a recent post from Ethel Borja, where photos of Filipino vendors selling Chinese flags inside the Luneta Park as Philippine Independence Day draws near.

The damning irony and national insult where a country who has since been terrorizing our seas and invaded our islands which subjected us to severe economic punishment and then now has its own flags sold within the confines of our historic Luneta Park?

The Philippine government appears to be helpless against China’s advances

Duterte’s defeatist stance on China’s abusive advances has allowed vast numbers of illegal Chinese immigrants flowing straight to our homeland with no fear of government sanctions. As far as the Department of Finance and BIR has announced that many of these Chinese firms don’t really pay taxes to operate their businesses within the country. In fact, many of them were even able to secure ”senior citizen” cards and getting extra perks and discounts which should have been intended for Filipino citizens.

The insult doesn’t end there. Many have speculated that many of these Chinese workers were Chinese Liberation army waiting to be called upon to disrupt and take arms to invade the country. According to one Netizen, one of these supposed Chinese workers was playing shooting games on one mall in Manila, however he noticed that his stance was quite firm and his hand eye coordination was quite nimble for an ordinary office desk worker.

Chinese flags within the sacred grounds of Luneta Park — an insult to Philippine independence

Regardless if the pictures were being sold right off Chinese tourists who visits the park. However, this is glaring insult to Philippine independence. The fact remains that this park has stood the test of time and had been witness to many events in the hallmarks of Philippine history from the 1700’s until now. And then here we are bowing down yet again to another foreign invader. If China can easily insult us and get away with it – then the truly means that we are no longer ruled by leaders who claimed to rule to defend our interests but of themselves.

As July draws near. The new class of Senators who’s been very warm on China and were favorable on many of Duterte’s onerous loans that would endanger our territorial integrity and security as a whole. However, despite this. There have been no public outrage or backslash and that many of these treacherous politicians who now hold power in the halls of the Congress were Chinese puppets waiting to be activated to satisfy all of Duterte’s authoritarian whims.

Stand aloft! Citizen. Don’t let these atrocities pass us by. We can’t idle enough to allow such grave insolence to our honor be taken lightly by this present regime. The future of our country lies in a stranglehold between absolute fascism and patriotic nationalism. It’s either you stand for a brutish puppet of China or die fighting as a patriot of our nation.

Love your country – Not China 

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