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Cigar makers told to also put graphic health warnings

It’s not just Cigarette makers; even cigar makers were reminded by an anti-smoking group to comply with the impending implementation of the graphic health warning (GWH) Law.

“Cigarette makers are also sternly reminded to follow the existing GHW Law as they are also covered by it. They have to put picture-based warnings on the hazardous effects of smoking cigars,” New Vois Association of the Philippines president Emer Rojas said Sunday, October 23.

The GHW law, or Republic Act 10643, will be fully implemented starting November 4.

cigarette makers

A man lights up a cigarette along Roxas Blvd. in Manila.

Tobacco products, according to the law, are defined as those entirely or partly made of leaf tobacco as raw material, are manufactured to be used for smoking, sucking, chewing, or snuffing, or by any other means of consumption.

Under RA 10643, all tobacco products packaging available in the country must bear GHWs as well as an accompanying textual warning that is related to the picture.

“While cigars may not be as popular in the country as cigarettes, its threat to one’s health is equally high and could also lead to similar smoking-related illnesses,” warned Rojas.


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