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Cockroach lands on Duterte’s shoulder while he was delivering speech in Bohol

Cockroach lands on Duterte's shoulder

A cockroach landed on President Rodrigo Duterte’s shoulder while he was delivering a speech at a campaign rally in Bohol on Wednesday night.

Duterte was praising the credentials of his senatorial candidates when the insect—often seen as disgusting—landed on his shoulder and crawled across the front of his shirt.

His aide then came up to him to remove the cockroach.

After that, the President, who appeared unfazed by the insect’s presence, continued with his speech which lasted nearly two hours.

Previously, Duterte lashed out at a mosquito for distracting him while speaking at the PDP-Laban campaign in Marikina City.

“T___inang lamok ka. Leche! Nainit ang ulo ko,” he said in a speech on March 20, drawing laughter from the audience.

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