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Duterte admits graft and corruption like ‘chewing gum’ in his administration

There’s no whitewashing the pervasiveness of corruption in this administration because even President Rodrigo Duterte himself thinks it’s as common as “chewing gum.”

Duterte made this candid admisssion after he publicly fired Government Corporate Counsel Rudolf Philip Jurado Monday, the latest in a growing list of appointees and fraternity brods who have been fired for failing to resist the temptations in office.

“I am not attributing any of the Cabinet members there. It could be a failure in the lower echelons of government. Pero ito bang graft and corruption is a favorite parang chewing gum,” he said in a speech in Malacanang.

“You know it’s being used everyday to wash off the dirt and spit it out when its — the taste runs out. And it is periodically and seasonably done all throughout the years na nandito tayo sa opisina,” he added.

Duterte apologized for pouring out his frustrations on his audience in Malacanang.

“I am sorry ha. I do not — you are not the one — hindi kayo. I ask for an apology. But this is just a palabas ko lang sama ko ng loob. Because now we are talking about graft and corruption, we are talking about red tape and everything and yet it continues. Nandito man kayo. Kaibigan man tayo. Do not take it personally kasi galit ako doon sa (corrupt),” said Duterte.

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