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Duterte says 600 killings when he was Davao mayor were legit: You have to kill to make city peaceful

President Rodrigo Duterte has acknowledged that around 600 people died in Davao City when he was mayor, but he said their killings were legitimate.

In a speech during the launch of the Overseas Filipino Bank in Manila Thursday (January 18), Duterte recalled investing “a lot” in Davao City to make it prosperous.

“Lives? Yes. You have to kill to make your city peaceful,” he said.


Sampung paslit sugatan sa granada


Duterte, however, said he never killed anyone kneeling or with his hands outstretched.

“I never do that because hindi ako lalaki pagka ganun ang gawain ko. But kung sabihin mo hindi kita patawarin. The rule there is, you ask forgiveness but never a permission,” he said.

Duterte’s critics have accused him of creating the infamous Davao Death Squad to eliminate criminals and opponents in his turf during the more than two decades he served as mayor.

As mayor, he has bee accused of ordering the police to kill drug suspects as part of the government’s campaign against illegal drugs. –

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