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Duterte says he’s not keen on extending his term

His recent statements about declaring a revolutionary government do not mean he wants to extend his term, said President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday, October 17, during a speech in Camarines Sur.

“Some are saying I want to have a revolutionary government because I want to stay longer. Son of a – if I could, I would step down. It's just embarrassing,” said Duterte while speaking to the oath-taking of new members of his political party PDP-Laban.

 Duterte says he's not keen on extending his term

“I do not intend to perpetuate myself. I will not shame my family and all for any ambition in this world,” he also said.

Duterte has publicly toyed with the idea of declaring a revolutionary government instead of declaring nationwide martial law.

While he will still need Congress approval for extending the scope of martial rule, he said a revolutionary government will allow him to kick out officials in government in other branches and replace them with new people.

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‘Pag magulo ang Pilipinas, hindi na ako mag martial law, martial law. Revolutionary government kasi gusto ko tanggalin yan wala nang ano…Ikaw judge alis ka, ikaw ombudsman umalis ka na. Ikaw justice umalis ka na,” said Duterte.

(When the Philippines is in chaos, I won't declare martial law. I'll just put up a revolutonary government because if I want someone out, there are no complications…You judge, get out. You ombudsman, get out. You justice, get out.)

The President previously said he would declare a revolutionary government if there is “anarchy” in the Philippines. He pointed to “destabilization plots” by communists and the political opposition as threats to the country's stability. –

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