Sonny Osmeña

Ex-senator Sonny Osmeña survives Covid-19

FORMER senator and former Toledo City mayor John Henry “Sonny” Osmeña is now free from Sars-CoV-2, the virus causing the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), after 20 days of staying in a hospital.

A photo posted on Facebook by Toledo City Community Affairs and Development Officer Ferliza Contratista on July 8, 2020 showed Osmeña being discharged from the hospital.

Senator John Henry Osmeña is now released from his 20-day hospitalization for Covid-19. Cheers and claps by hospital staff as he was sent home,” wrote Contratista.

Contratista also wrote in the comment section of his post that Osmeña was not wearing a shirt as his wounds, caused by bedsores, are still healing. 






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