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Foreign dude goes viral for public meltdown in 7-Eleven

Foreign dude goes viral for public meltdown in 7-Eleven

A foreign man  — who may or may not be American — has become the subject of Filipino netizens’ derision after a one-minute video of him ranting against the Philippines in a local 7-Eleven went viral.

Posted by Facebook user Ralph Xavier on Friday, the man can be seen in the video holding a can of Tiger beer while talking to the person shooting the video. When the other man asks him, “What’s your problem?” the foreign man goes on a massive rant — albeit without ever actually getting to what his problem is.

“Put that phone down or I’ll kick your ass!” the irate dude shouts at the person holding the camera. “You f***er!”

A store clerk who heard the foreigner shouting invective tells him in Filipino that he needed to leave the store. As the staffer opens the door for him, the man shouts — in a confused historical reference that betrays a lack of understanding of both WWII and the present day — “Next time the Japanese come, we’re gonna f**k you in the ass! F**k you, you f***ing ignorant pig.”

The man then walks out of the store, only to wheel around and deliver these memorable patriotic lines, “Don’t forget, America number one! Philippine[s] down, low.” After a beat, he adds, “Waayyy down low.”

Xavier wrote in the caption for the video — which has been shared almost 7,000 times, and viewed more than 350,000 times — that the incident happened at a 7-Eleven branch along President’s Avenue in Parañaque City. He alleged that the foreigner entered the store, jumped the queue, and wanted the staff to attend to his needs immediately.

“He was very rude to the cashier, and he kept shouting. These people should be deported from the Philippines,” Xavier wrote in Filipino.

Coconuts Manila reached out to Xavier to ask for more details of what transpired, but he has yet to respond. Efforts to get in touch with the 7-Eleven location were also unsuccessful.

Most Filipino netizens who saw the video expressed anger at the foreigner for making a scene in the store, and especially for taking a racist swipe at the Philippines (Pinoy pride, baby!). However, one user pointed out that the foreigner may not, in fact, be racist — “More… of a mental issue,” he added.

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