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Fitness buffs must have these hot Gadgets

To help achieve one’s fitness goals and to further enhance the experience, wouldn’t it be better if we get a bit of help from technology?  At present, there are a lot of available tech gadgets that can help focus on training and exercise.  Truly, fitness newbies and veterans will never run out of accessories and wearables that they can use during and even after training.

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Here are some gadgets that could guide us into reaching our fitness goals.


(Manila Bulletin)


1.  FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

After you’ve done a lot of exercise over the week, you would want to see how you’ve improved in terms of body weight, the FitBit Aria exactly does that.  Besides measuring body weight, the FitBit Aria Scale stores data (i.e. your weight) every time you use the device so you can compare your body weight from 1 month ago to the present. It could store data for up to 7 people; perfect for the whole family or for fitness buddies.


(Manila Bulletin)


2. FitBit Blaze

To a more streamlined and casual alternative to the Samsung Gear Fit2, the FitBit Blaze is perfect for those who want to use a fitness smartwatch not only for exercise purposes, but also for casual use. One neat feature that the FitBit Blaze has is that it has a multi-sport function that fits whatever sport or training that you want to engage in.  It automatically recommends the goals you need to achieve for a certain sport or exercise. It also tracks whether or not your are in training or just casually walking.


(Manila Bulletin)


3. Samsung Gear Fit2

Let’s kick things off with one of the most innovative fitness wearables in the market today, the Gear Fit2.  It is a recently launched smartwatch specifically made for fitness buffs and enthusiasts. Besides having the regular features of a fitness band (like measuring your heart rate and tracking your steps), the good thing about the Gear Fit2 is that you don’t need to carry your smartphone with you while running and using the fitness band.   The Gear Fit2 software can work on its own.  You don’t need to connect it to your phone. It has its own integrated music player so you can store music on the watch and listen to the songs through bluetooth earphones.


(Manila Bulletin)


4. GoPro Hero 4 Session

It is always a good idea to record yourself running or exercising, as it shows how much you’ve done for the day and how much you’ve improved over the course of your training.  Hence, you would need the GoPro Hero 4 Session — a great action camera that is made specifically for that reason. Deemed as the lightest GoPro camera right now, The GoPro Hero 4 Session is a much smaller counterpart from the regular Hero 4 camera. It is more compact and easier to carry in your hands, in a camera stick, or in your bag. It’s an 8MP camera, so it can record HD videos. Instead of using a smartphone, it is a good recording tool while running or exercising.


(Manila Bulletin)

5. Under Armour Healthbox

Arguably the most “complete” fitness gadget in this list, the Under Armour Healthbox is made up of three peripherals focusing on different aspects of tracking your health. There are four categories that the Under Armour Healthbox focuses on: Activity, Sleep, Nutrition, and Fitness. The UA Band focuses on Activity and Sleep, wherein the smartwatch measures how long your sleep is, the steps that you take, and your heart rate. The UA Heart Rate chest straps focuses on Fitness, and it strengthens the UA Band’s heart rate monitoring capabilities by directly tracking your heart rate from your chest in real-time. The last peripheral, the UA Scale, focuses on Nutrition.  It tracks your body weight, body fat percentage, and weight progression. You can access all data stored in the UA Healthbox through the Under Armour app in your smartphone.


(Manila Bulletin)


6. Samsung Gear IconX

Because of its cordless design, the Samsung Gear IconX is the perfect companion for the Gear Fit2.  Most often, when using corded earphones while training at the gym or running in the park, your hands get caught up in the cables.  This interrupts  training and is quite annoying.  This would never happen with Gear IconX’s cordless and lightweight design.  The Gear IconX is a standalone music player as well; so you don’t need to have a Gear Fit2 or a smartphone to play music on the earphones. All you need to do is transfer music files from your computer into the earphones and you’re good to go.


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