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What Her Husband Did, Surprises Her and All The Guest At Her Wedding

What Her Husband Did, Surprises Her and All The Guest At Her Wedding

For the most of us, a wedding is one of the happiest moments of our lives because we get to express our love to our partner, publicly. This is the time where the relationship of a couple is legalized. “For better or for worse, till death do us part,” those were the familiar lines that we always hear during weddings.




This event is filled with relatives, and friends that will witness your union both in the eyes of God and of the law. An occasion full of romance and love, wedding is considered as another chapter of someone’s life. While most weddings are full of sweetness, this is not the case in this video.



In video posted on social media, it can be seen that the newly-wed is exercising the ceremonial slicing of the cake where both of them have to slice a piece of their wedding cake and spoon-feed one another. This ceremonial rite is a symbol of the couple’s undying sweetness to each other and that until forever, they may live in romance.


The video, after its upload, quickly became viral with over 3.8k reactions, 10k shares and 810k views. Although it looks funny, many netizens still find the video disappointing. A netizen commented that she would’ve walked out had she been the bride. Some even said that the bride should run to her lawyer and start the annulment proceedings.

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