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Joma Sison: If Duterte is defeated, expect a bloody uprising from the NPA

MANILA, Philippines – Joma Sison, Communist Party of the Philippines founder has warned that if Duterte gets defeated this coming presidential elections there would be a bloody uprising from the New Peoples Army.

“If Duterte gets defeated, the winner faces overthrow from combined wrath of citizens and communist rebels”, said by Joma Sison in his Inquirer interview.

Joma Sison for the past 20 years has been in exile in the Netherlands, the CPP-NPA-NDF founder hopes that he will be home soon in the Philippines under a Duterte administration.


Joma Sison


Communist rebels has been fighting the Philippine Government since the Marcos years and Joma Sison was its founding chairman. The New Peoples Army boast a +8,000 strong members, mostly coming from far flung regions in the Philippines.

Unknown to many, the Davao City mayor was Sison’s former student at the Lyceum.

“He has very many nice things to say about me and I also have very many nice things to say about him,” Sison said.

Sison also praised Duterte for having strength of character and for standing against the Americans. For example, Duterte turned down the request of Americans to put up a drone center in Davao for anti-terrorism efforts. – Philippines Report


Source Credit: Rise Philippines

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