Keep businesses reliably powered

Keep businesses reliably powered

With the goal of creating standby power solutions at best prices, Monark has launched a new line of GC Generator Sets last July 16, 2021. The line was revealed via a Facebook event that featured a walkthrough of the products’ key features.

The launch revealed 14 generator set models divided into five engine power categories ranging from the Cat C3.3 to the C32. These revolutionary Cat performance-level engines deliver standby ratings of 30 to 1,250 kW at 60 Hz, making them perfect solutions for stationary standby applications.

The new generator sets were designed to cater to small- to medium-sized businesses—think grocery stores, small hospitals or hotels, department stores and even factories—that need dependable standby power solutions in an increasingly power-reliant commercial space.

Each of the models was reliability tested for 500 hours and was designed to reduce footprint by up to 15 percent, reducing weight on handling equipment demands and freight costs. Their value is also optimized to reduce cost of ownership, ensuring Cat’s industry leading-quality at the best prices for business owners.

Along with the noteworthy specs, each generator set will also be inclusive of Monark’s standard two-year service and warranty and an additional five years of extended service warranty for exceptional service for years to come.

The Cat GC Generator Sets are now available on the newly launched site where customers can search, find and compare generator sets to find the best fit for their needs.

In fact, all of Monark’s latest offerings are easily accessible online, from equipment down to spare parts. Customers can now order or browse a collection of up to 1.4 million Genuine Cat parts anytime, anywhere via

Ordered products can be shipped nationwide with the company’s 2GO Express partnership. Shopping online with Monark will also entitle customers to a giveaway entry for the site’s ongoing Great Gadget Giveaway contest.

If customers prefer an in-branch visit for parts or services, transactions are now also much more hygienic through Monark’s new GCash over-the-counter payments, now available in all branches nationwide.

Now, global-standard power solutions have become much more accessible for Filipino businesses with Monark’s latest offerings. Worry no more about emergencies or power outages by staying one step ahead through the ever-reliable Monark GC Generator Sets.






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