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Lolang 85 Taong Gulang, Namat₳y sa Pwesto Kung Saan Siya Nagtitinda


An 85-year-old grandmother was spotted d3₳d in the the place where she is selling. The grandmother identified only as Lola Juanita, was seen her head was down, and many thought he was just asleep, but that is the time they knew that she is d3₳d already where she sits.

In a photo shared by netizen Kevin King Jardiolin Malabug on Facebook, lots of people did not notice, thinking that the old woman had just slept in the place where she is selling. Unfortunately, the old woman is not breathing anymore. Although it cannot be said what caused her d3₳th, the speculation most of them might be the old woman got he₳rt att₳cked because of the heat.

The said photos got viral due to its unexpected scene, and reap many shares and reactions on social media. Many were saddened by the d3₳th of the grandmother, because she only dealt with her last moments.

The sad image of the grandmother that was lying down by the road will serve as a lesson to all children, that we must not abandon our older parents. They gave lots of sacrifices so we can able to live a life, and it is just only little reward if we care for them in their old age.

Many of today’s seniors are still working on making money despite their age because they do not want to be burdensome to their children. Hopefully young people will value the elders, because the time will come, we will also grow up like them, and we also want to treat us well with the younger generation.

Many were saddened about what happened to Lola Juanita. They wish that she got attention from her family, but everyone does not know if Lola Juanita still have her family.

Many also pray for the d3₳th of the old woman, and reminding everyone that we should value our parents, especially if they are of old age already. This is the best opportunity to show our love for them.

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