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Look: Coco Martin’s Favorite Spot at Home, His ‘Bahay Kubo’

Coco Martin’s Favorite Spot at Home, His ‘Bahay Kubo’

The city is where you can find lots of opportunities, that’s why many people from the province who are looking for a better life is taking the risk of adventure in the city even though the struggle is already waiting for them.

But for those people who already found their fortune in the city still, choose to go to the province to relax so that they can escape the busy and stressful life from the busy city whenever they have the chance.

Even the “Ang Probinsyano” star, Coco Martin is not an exemption. The action star was definitely looking for some probinsyano-lifestyle-setting when he revealed his new addition to his resort-like house in Quezon City.




It came as a surprise when he posted photos of his new greenhouse that showcases different vegetables like okra, pipino, sitaw, talong and ampalaya. It looks like his very own “bahay kubo” might just be his very own organic farm.


This way he doesn’t have to buy vegetables in the public market.


Coco even expressed that this can also be a way to contribute to our earth. He wrote, “Magtanim po tayo para makatulong sa kalikasan.”



He even planted kamatis in his garden.



There’s also sili, mustasa, labanos, pechay, lettuce, sibuyas, and carrots. You can easily spot them since they are all organized and planted set by set.

He also featured an area of his garden wherein he captioned, “Napakasarap mabuhay ng simple.”



We can all agree that simple life can truly be satisfying and having an organic garden will help the earth. It will only be a matter of time before others will be inspired to make their own bahay kubo with plenty of veggies.


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