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Mag-Ingat: Isang Bagong Modus Ngayon Ng Pagnanakaw Ng Baby

Mag-Ingat: Isang Bagong Modus Ngayon Ng Pagnanakaw Ng Baby


Is it true when saying that: You should not believe anyone even your relatives ? Well, that statement seems to be more and more suitable nowadays.

Who can imagine that just because of a small talk with her best friend, she forever lost her own baby. This poor story belongs to a woman named J., China became an alarm for every childish young parents.

” I lost my baby just in 30 seconds”, Mrs J. painfully reported the happening.

Particularly, while J. was holding her baby in front of her door, another woman approached and had inttention to sell soap-powder. Because of her friendly appearance, J. didn’t pay close attention. Having met few minutes ago, but she talked as if they had been close friends for years. She even cuddled her baby.


And the moment came when she suggested J. to ‘smell’ her product. Despite hesitation at first, but J. decided to do what was told to do. Then, she fainted away and became unconcious.


When she woke up, her baby was nowhere to be seen, her cell phone was gone, too. J. was at panic and ran everywhere to find her baby in vain. But there was only tears left on mother’s cheek.



The local police had involved and investigated the identity of the kidnapper. However, parents theirselves should be cleverer and more careful whenever interacting with strangers.




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