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Maine Mendoza annoyed over leak of private blog

Maine Mendoza

 Maine Mendoza recently admitted that she felt a bit upset at first and annoyed over people leaking her private blog online.

The Kapuso actress, who spoke about the issue on her public blog The Pessimistic Optimistic Bella, stated that it saddened her that the person who discovered the blog decided to share it with people on Twitter.

“It is somewhat close to the feeling of having a friend betray you,” she said.

Mendoza stated that she knew that people will find it sooner or later, but that there was no reason for the one who discovered it to share it to the public.

“I know some of you will say, ‘You better set your page on private instead if you don’t want people reading your blog.’ Now this part I don’t think I can properly and clearly explain. I love writing for strangers. I want to rekindle the intimate connection I used to have with my blog readers. I want to connect with random people through my stories. I don’t want my entries to get talked about by people just because. I long for the connection, not the attention,” she pointed out.

While she has slowly learned to accept it, the actress still hopes that people would not tag her online about her past entries because it made her feel awkward.

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