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A man push his stepson’s head into water and let him weep bitterly

The image of a man who push his stepson’ head into water and ask him to die just for punishing receive a lot of strongly criticized comments.

So far, the stories between stepmother and stepson are always sad stories. It believed that this situation happens with stepmother only, but the child in circumstances with her father more suffering. The violence against children done by stepfather makes people feel angry. The video recorded how his beloved step-son has been beaten, which causes the online community to debate a lot.



Ms. H, a woman who sacrifice her whole life for family suffered the pain of losing her first husband when she was too young. Being fear for the child to be disadvantaged early in the absence of his father’s affection, she also tried to find him a new father, then agreed to take a step. However, the tragedy continues to occur with these poor mother and child.




In the beginning, Mr. L was a hardworking man. Her family life was full of warmth, and the family was happy to welcome their new born child together. At this time, Mr. L’s work also began to get some problems, he became angry, put pressure on his wife and children. He also found alcohol to be friends to reduce the fatigue in life. And his 12-year-old stepson is like food for power. He said that if not raising this child, the family is much less difficult. Thus, the whips constantly struck down the poor child.



The video recorded the scene of Mr. L beating his stepson when he missed his father’s requirement. Ignoring the begging of the child, this man dragged him out into the yard, constantly putting his head in the water jar with the cunning insult “go to the heaven … go to the heaven ….” The wife held a small child one hand and tried to stop him by the other hand. The images that make so many people feel extremely angry.



Children are always subject to protection, because the injury caused by adults will have a very negative impact on the physiology of the child in his future life. The unhumanity actions of the father in the video should be condemned by society, so that the children can grow in the most peaceful environment.



Open letter ni Mark Lopez kay ms. Kris Aquino.


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