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Maute bomb expert dies in police operation; Abu Dar’s wife falls

A wanted bomber identified with the Maute terrorist group was killed during police operations before dawn today in Gen. Santos City, police said.

The operating units also arrested Nafisah Pundug, wife of Owaidah Maromhombsar/Abdulmajib alias Abu Dar, now the leader of Maute terrorist group in Lanao Sur and believed to have replaced Isilon Hapilon as “emir” of ISIS in Asia.

She was nabbed during separate operation in Purok Maunlad, Barangay Apopong General Santos City at abut 6 a.m. Monday.

A police officer was injured when the suspect traded shots with lawmen during the 2:30 a.m. raid in Barangay Fatima, Gen. Santos City.

Interviewed by, Senior Supt. Raul Supiter, Gen. Santos City police director, identified the slain expert in making improvised explosive device (IED) as Najiv Calimba Pundong, alias Najiv Hussein, a resident of Zone 3, Block 5, Barangay Fatima, Uhaw, Gen. Santos City.

Chief Supt. Marcelo Morales, police regional director for Region 12, said Pundong was listed in the DND Arrest Order No. 1 and known to be member of Maute terrorist group under Commander Abu Dar.

Morales said in a statement that the death of Pundong is a strong reminder for those who still wish to fight against the government and are planning to sow violence in the region.

“The PNP being at the forefront of fighting against terrorism has largely been conducting anti-criminality operations and this new breakthrough in our accomplishment is a proof of our unrelenting effort to suppress criminality and terrorism because this is a major threat to peace and order that may kill innocent lives if taken for granted,” Morales added.

Morales said joint police and military operatives were to serve warrants of arrest against Pundong when he opened fire on law enforcers that injured PO3 Jerry Feo of the Police Regional Mobile Force Battalion.

Feo sustained four gunshot wounds on his back and is now undergoing surgical operation at a private hospital in Gen. Santos City.




Seized from slain bomb maker was a glock .45 cal. pistol, black ISIS flag, two hand grenades and bomb making materials and a mitsubishi sedan car.

Supiter said further investigation about the slain bomber is going on to determine his possible companions and bombing plots in the city and the region.

Also arrested during the operation were:
1. Nafah  Macaraya alias “NAF,” 35 married, a teacher;
2. Famida A Macasindel, alias Fayma, 29;
3. Naica Amina Calimba Pundug alias Naics, 22;
4. Sittienashibah Calimba Pundug alias Sittie;
5. Saramina Calimba Pundug alias Sara, 60; and
5. Mohammad Naif Calimba Pundug alias Benz 23.

All arrested persons are residents of Zone 3, Block 4, Barangay Fatima, General Santos City.

Recovered and confiscated during the implementation of the writ were:
1.    Four (4) pcs. cap, blasting, electric commercial 2.    One (1) 9 volts Everyday battery
3.    One (1) unit silver Acer laptop
4.    One (1) unit black Asus laptop
5.    One (1) unit black Acer laptop
6.    One (1) unit Samsung tablet with pink casing
7.    One (1) unit silver Huawei tablet
8.    One (1) unit silver Ipad tablet,
9.    One (1) Ipad tablet with pink casing
10. One (1) black Samsung cell phone  with white casing
11. One (1)  light brown Samsung cellphone
12. One (1) unit black pocket WIFI
13. One (1) black VIVO cellphone  with pink casing
14. One (1) Samsung keypad cellphone
15. One (1) piece gold plated Seiko wrist watch
16. One (1) piece black alarm clock
17. One (1) silver Pinnacle wrist watch
18. One (1) piece silver Timex wrist watch without strap
19. One (1) wallet
20. One (1) reading glass with casing
21. One (1) identification with yellow casing
22. One (1) lady wallet light blue
23. One (1) transparent cellophane containing black grain substance suspected to be black powder
24. One (1) piece maroon lady bag
25. One (1) black key
26. One (1) black bag containing one thousand forty pesos cash (P1,040.00)
27. One (1) unit fragmentation grenade
28. One (1) piece yellow intravenous needle
29. One (1) unit black USB
30. One (1) light brown lady wallet
31. One (1) steel box cream
32. One (1) Acer laptop charger with cord
33. Three (3) pieces white cellophane charger
34. One (1) unit Iphone silver and black casing
35. One (1) unit white Nokia cellphone
36. One (1) piece ISIS black flag; and
37. One (1) unit white Mitsubishi Mirage GLX Sedan Aurora
38. One (1) 9mm CLOCK Gen 4 pistol loaded with one (1) Magazine (recovered at the crime scene by SOCO)
39. Sixteen (16) rounds of suspected 9mm FCCs Magazine (recovered at the crime scene by SOCO)
40. Four rounds of suspected 5.56 FCCs (recovered at the crime scene by SOCO)
41. Pieces of metal jackets (recovered at the crime scene by SOCO)
42. One (1) unit hand grenade

Recovered from the wife of Abu Dar were the following:

1.    One (1) unit black and red folded Samsung cellphone
2.    One (1) black and white Nokia keypad phone
3.    One (1) black and white Samsung phone
4.    One (1) Nokia keypad phone
5.    One (1) black and steel gray A6 Qube keypad phone
6.    One (1) black and white Samsung keypad phone
7.    One (1) Phonix folded phone
8.    One (1) Black Asus laptop and
9.    One (1) black/blue colored tablet

Nafisah has a Warrant of Arrest for violation of Section 3 of PD No. 1865.

She was brought to Police Station 7 for proper disposition. (PO1 Allan C Navarro-RPIO12)

Photos below courtesy of PRO-12 were bomb making components and hand grenades.

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