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Netizen Warns About Styles Of The Alleged Kidnap-For-Organ Group

These past few weeks, netizens especially parents started to get worried and feel scared about many stories about kidnap and children being abducted for internal organs.

Although not being reported in mainstream media, the news went bigger and bigger and the social media has been its platform and medium being used to alarm and alert the parents to be extra careful.



Child abduction is a serious criminal case where you could get yourself behind bars with a sentence of life imprisonment or the death penalty. Though there are people who believe that such thing only appears in movies and series of teledramas we’ve been watching every day, A lot of cases really happens within our sleep.



At first netizens thought that those stories were not true since there is not enough evidence and the stories are only based on hearsay, but apparently, several suspects involved in kidnapping incidents in different parts of the country has been arrested and all of them have the same modus operandi: kidnap a child and once caught, act like an insane human being.


First off, is the incident shared by a certain Facebook users wherein a suspected kidnapper acts as a crazy woman in order for people to ignore her, but this is just her style in order to get closer to children and eventually take them inside the white van.


When the suspect was nabbed by authorities, she stayed true to her mental illness acting and trying to convince that she is out of her mind so she will not be jailed.





And just like the first suspect, the guy suspect in Pampanga also pulled an insane acting to justify his crime.

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