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Pampatanggal Ng Diabetes At Pagkontrol Sa Iyong Blood Sugar Na Gamit Lang Ang Isang Nilagang Itlog


Are you having a high level of blood sugar? You should be careful and be aware of your health condition. Having a high level of blood sugar have a high chance of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, vision issues, and nervous system issues. It is difficult to regulate your blood sugar level due to the food intake. It will take many months to check what are the foods that you should not eat to decrease your blood sugar level.

Luckily, various foods have been known that can help to regulate our blood sugar levels in a natural way without any medicine used. You can try these simple remedies that only need three ingredients to make your blood sugar normal.

Here are the following ingredients and follow the procedures:

*Hard Boiled Egg
*Apple Cider Vinegar
*Mineral Warm Water


  1. Boil the Egg and remove the eggshell.
  2. Pierce the egg with a stick for 2 to 3 times utilizing a toothpick.
  3. Place the egg in a mason jar and pour a pinch of Vinegar
  4. Cover the jar and allow to soak the whole night in your refrigerator.
  5. In the morning, drink a glass of warm water and eat your egg.
  6. Follow this in a daily routine.

By applying this remedy continuously you will feel and notice that your blood sugar levels will be normal and you will in regulation immediately.

Why Hard boiled egg is the solution?

It is a great snack that you can include any time of the day it is also excellent with those person having diabetes because it is rich in protein the decreases the risk of having diabetes. They contain protein of the egg helps you feel stomach full without making your blood level to escalate, and it also slows down your digestive system and the absorption of glucose of your body which is very beneficial to the people having diabetes.

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