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Passenger arrested after ‘assaulting two women and then urinating on the seat in front of him’ during Frontier airlines flight

A passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight from Colorado to South Carolina was arrested after allegedly assaulting two women and peeing on the seat in front of him.

Michael Allen Haag allegedly touched the woman next to him during the flight from Denver to Charleston and asked another woman personal questions about her sex life.

He has been charged with interference with flight crew members, a felony, and indecent exposure on an aircraft.

Haag could face up to 20 years in prison for the charges.


Haag, who was seated between the two women, began making crude comments about his reason for traveling to Charleston, according to court documents.

He told one of the women he was meeting an old girlfriend and was very ‘physically excited'.

Haag allegedly asked one of the women ‘what kind of man she liked, what her “deal” was, and about her relationship with her husband.

He also kept ‘looking at her chest and legs', before he began to touch a female passenger who was seated on the other side of him, court documents state.

The woman told authorities Haag touched her fingers and repeatedly touched her legs, despite her telling him to stop.

A third female passenger who was seated in the back of the plane said she heard a woman shouting about two hours into the flight.

‘I heard a woman scream, “If this man f*****g touches me one more time I'll f***ing kill him'”, the passenger told Fox 31.

The passenger, who asked not to be named, said the woman later told her that the man had ordered two double shots of vodka with tonic during the flight.

‘He was out of his mind. Like he couldn't speak, he was mumbling,' the passenger recalled. ‘This man was extremely intoxicated'.


The passenger said the man also verbally assaulted another woman and asked personal questions about her sexual life.

Flight crew members moved the man to the back of the plane, where there was an empty row across from the passenger's seat.

The passenger said the crew warned her about the man and told her ‘you might want to get up in case he tries to touch you'.

But when the passenger took out her phone to take a picture of the man to show her friends, she said things escalated.

‘While I have my phone out trying to take a discreet photo, he starts to pee and urinate on the seat in front of him,' she said.

The passenger captured the exact moment in a photo, which shows a stream of pee coming from the man's unzipped jeans.

‘I scream “He's f*****g peeing, he's peeing, oh my god”‘, the passenger recalled. ‘And the flight attendant doesn't even acknowledge him at first.'




‘She acknowledges me and says “You need to calm down and stop cursing'”.

The passenger was moved to the front of the plane and the man was arrested at the gate in Charleston around 30 minutes later, according to CBS Denver

Both the passenger and the two women who were assaulted filled out statement to law enforcement after the flight.

The passenger said she also complained to the airline about how the situation was dealt with.

‘I think they handled it extremely poorly,' she told Fox 31. ‘Someone should have sat with him.'



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