Philippine City to the List of World's Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Philippine City to the List of World’s Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Have you gone back to the office or are you still working remotely? If you’re the latter, consider yourself lucky.

The pandemic upended the way we do most things, especially our professional lives, and the most fortunate employees are the ones that allow them flexible work arrangements. 

And if you’re really lucky, you can actually fly off to a different city and country and work from there. This has led to locations around the world that have accommodated the lives of the so-called life of the digital nomad.

But which cities have made it easiest for these remote workers to do what they have to do on a daily basis?

The folks at attempted to answer this question. They looked through hundreds of lists and blog posts looking for the top locations, taking into account factors like cost of living, ease of obtaining visas, and co-working spaces.

The site came up with a list of the world’s 25 best cities for remote workers. And one Philippine city made it.

Cebu came in at number 17. According to Enjoytravel, the Queen City of the South “is a great city for digital nomads to work from. It’s more affordable than Manila and offers lower living costs while still having access to great coworking communities and world-class infrastructure.

Cebu also has access to fast internet, affordable accommodation, and a vibrant startup community. Of course, the site also highlighted all the things people in Cebu can do when they don’t have their noses in front of a laptop screen.

You may swim with whale sharks in Oslob, scuba dive in Moalboal, and canyoneering at Kawasan Falls,” the writeup reads.

Number one on the list is Bali, Indonesia which was praised for its “low cost of living, great weather, beautiful beaches combined with plenty of co-working spaces and super fast internet speeds.”

At number two is Chiang Mai, Thailand, which offers “great food, vibrant culture, and beautiful scenery.”

Coming in at number three is Madeira, Portugal, followed y Ho Chi Minch City, Vietnam, and Lisbon, also in Portugal.

Completing the top 10 are Budapest, Hungary; Medellin, Colombia; Da Nang, Vietnam; Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; and Split, Croatia. 

In coming up with the list, Enjoytravel said they considered things like lower than average rent, lax visa regulations, availability of rental properties, reliable public transport and WIFI, co-working spaces, and overall expatriate social life.






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