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Pinaboran ng Comelec si Robredo na gawing 25% shading threshold sa pagbilang sa mga boto.

Vice President Leni Robredo finds an ally in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to push for the 25 percent shading threshold in the recount of votes in connection with the poll protest of former Senator Bongbong Marcos.

In its comment before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), Comelec said it has set the shading threshold at about 25 percent to guarantee that the “votes are not wasted due to inadequate shading or that no accidental or unintended small marks are counted as votes.”

“The legally mandated Random Manual Audit process used a diagrammatic guide which is consistent with a 25% shading marks when seen by human eyes,” it added.

Comelec informed PET of the 25% shading threshold Former PET Clerk Felipa Anama requested for the Comelec Guidelines on revision or appreciation of votes.

She also requested for a copy of the Smartmatic Guidelines which was used by Comelec in the segregation of ballots throughout the manual counting to determine which type of shading was counted or not.


The poll body then submitted the Random Manual Audit Guide on Appreciation of Markings to the PET.

It explained this confirmation on the part of Comelec shows that it had already adopted the application of a 25 percent threshold in the shading of ballots.

“In fact, the RMA Guide is what guides the Comelec's recount and revision process, in all protest cases relative to the May 9, 2016 National and Local Elections filed with and pending before the Comelec…,” it explained.

50% threshold abandoned Comelec also pointed out that it had promulgated resolutions — with the deletion of the 50 percent threshold.

The omission of the 50 percent threshold shows intent to abandon it, the poll body added.

“With the deletion of the 50% threshold, the polestar in ballot appreciation ensures that no votes will be wasted due to inadequate shading by counting those votes that reflects the will of the electorate,” Comelec said.

Comelec filed its own comment after the Office of the Solicitor General dropped it as its client and took a different position


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