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Pinay Flight Attendants Reveal Beauty Products They Use to Keep Their Skin Hydrated During Flights

Pinay FAs Reveal Beauty Products They Use to Keep Their Skin Hydrated During Flights

Pinay Flight Attendants Reveal Beauty Products

Keeping your face smooth, flake-free, and hydrated all-day is no easy task—let alone when you're 30,000 feet high above the ground!As anyone who has flown would know, dry skin becomes drier (and yes, even oilier) the longer you stay in a plane, and this is especially true for flights that go beyond six hours. It's mainly due to a bad combination of dry, recirculated cabin air that sucks moisture from the skin and other factors like the artificial pressure that causes “less blood flow to the skin, which may make for a dull appearance”, according to a clinical instructor in dermatology Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin in an interview. 

But despite this skin-wrecking environment, flight attendants have always managed to look fresh and plakado throughout their volley of trips. So how do they manage to lift-off and touch-down with seemingly flawless complexions? Five Pinay flight attendants reveal what they stash in their kikay kits—plus, their pre-flight beauty rituals! 

Nikole Gapit, 25 

For smooth, hydrated skin:  

“I make sure to pile on a ton of moisturizing products before going to work. Some of these products include the Drunk Elephant's B-Hydra Serum, and Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Face Base. I also love using Rejuvenating Plus Set for my daily needs.

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