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Pres. Duterte Calls Maria Ressa a ‘fraud’

President Rodrigo Duterte today said that Filipinos should not be afraid of the recently signed anti-terrorism law—then in the same breath accused multi-awarded journalist Maria Ressa of deception.

“For the law-abiding citizens of this country, I am addressing you with all sincerity. Do not be afraid if you are not a terrorist, if you are not planning to destroy the government, to blow up the church, to blow up the public utilities,” Duterte said in Filipino and English in a publicly broadcast speech that was aired early this morning.

Instead of allaying public fears, however, Duterte once again threatened to snuff out perceived enemies of the state.

“As they say: ‘Duterte kills here and there.’ That’s true. If you kill people, I will really kill you. You can bet on that on the grave of your father and mother,” the country’s chief executive said.

“If you do that to the people, if you kill them wantonly, then I will take it as a right to kill you,” he warned.






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