Public warned against use of illegal transmitters

Public warned against use of illegal transmitters

Globe Telecom warned the public against the use of illegal signal boosters/repeaters, cellular signal blockers and jammers, saying these caused network disruptions and even loss of cell phone signals.

In a statement welcoming government efforts to run after portable text blast devices, Globe said other types of illicit transmitters were sold in online shops and social media.

The telco said some of these devices, such as jammers, totally block cellular signals and could be used to “disrupt critical service in the case of disaster relief and rescue operations or even disrupt automated elections which rely on cell signals at polling precincts.”

Meanwhile, illegal repeaters include indoor or outdoor antennas and wireless adapters that “boost network coverage and signal by means of hogging bandwidth from a Globe cell site.”

“While we continue to expand our network to deliver first-world connectivity to Filipinos, these efforts will be hindered if illegal repeaters remain in use and will continue to interfere with and degrade mobile network communications,” said Emmanuel Estrada, Globe head of technology and strategy service integration.

In 2013, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) banned the sale of these devices under Memorandum Order No. 01-02-2013 or the “Prohibition of Portable Cellular Mobile Repeater and Portable Cell site Equipment.”

“Despite this, more and more online shops, sellers and vendors are offering these illegal repeaters on social media,” Globe said.

The telco said it had been routinely scanning for these illegal devices, and scan results were provided to the NTC for appropriate action.

Globe also encouraged its customers to report suspected users or sellers of illegal repeaters and jammers so it could investigate and shut down these illegal devices with the help of the NTC.

“We all need to use communications networks ethically and responsibly, especially in these times when a stable connection is imperative for every customer,” Estrada said.






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