Rabiya Mateo

Rabiya Mateo arrives in the US for Miss Universe

Rabiya Mateo has safely arrived in the United States to prepare herself for the upcoming Miss Universe 2020.

The beauty queen, who will be representing the Philippines in the latest edition of the said pageant, recently posted a photo of herself on social media donning a style created by Chino Christopherson and Marc Rancy, writing, “I will pour all my strength into this battle and hold my head high and say, ‘I am honoured to be a modern Filipina in mind, heart, spirit, word and deed’.”

“Long live made by Filipinos,” she added.

Mateo won the Miss Universe-PH crown last year

The 24 year-old Ilonggo lass, who won the Miss Universe-PH crown last year and became the first to win it after it was officially acquired by the Miss Universe Philippines Organization, will be competing against around 80 candidates from all around the world at the pageant that will be holding its coronation night on 16 May.

Speaking to the media prior to her departure, Mateo stated, “I’m happy but at the same time, I’m nervous but that’s completely normal. But I’m excited to go to the US. This is my first international flight and I can’t wait to meet the other candidates from the different countries.”

The Philippines has won the crown four times throughout the years, with the latest being Catriona Gray, who became Miss Universe 2018.

Catriona Gray was the latest Miss Universe winner from PH, winning the crown in 2018






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