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‘Great Divide’ released by Rebecca Black

A fiercer, bolder, and stronger Rebecca Black is back with another music video. The YouTube sensation has just released her new song ‘The Great Divide.’

Rebecca Black, 19, delivers a teary message to fans “I just wanted to prove everyone wrong, but now that it’s here I have that within myself and I don’t need that anymore,” she says.

Rebecca Black

The song ‘Friday‘ became famous when she was only 13 years old, but not everybody liked it. The bullying that Rebecca received at that time was the main reason why she dropped out in middle school in 2011.

“I think what I’m also most excited for is there are some of you I’ve seen stick with me for four or five years now and you’ve always been so excited and so patient with me, so before the music video starts I wanted to say thank you to you guys,” she added.


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