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The Love Story Of A German National And A Filipina Who Had A Unique Physical Appearance

To make a relationship last, they say that love, trust and communication is the key. But most people nowadays, they focus more on the outer beauty of a person. Yes, it might be a plus to have a good-looking partner, but what matters most is what’s inside.

Loving a person does not only stay unto the physical aspects of a person.

The couple was first seen in the evening news when they lost their wallet with a large amount of money. Luckily another good-hearted couple gave it back to them.

And that was when people got intrigued with their love story. Because the woman had some kind of skin disease.

After their appearance on TV, people wanted to know more about them. Being a kind and generous couple, they granted people’s request.

The couple were identified to be as Alexander Berth and Bernadette Castillo.

Bernadette met Alexander through an online dating site. At firt, she thought no one would like her because of how she looked.

Although it seemed like Bernadette had a genetic illness – it still didn’t stop Alexander from proposing to the love of his life.

Now, they have two children and are still looking forward to have more.

When Bernadette and her daughter visited a dermatologist, there they learned to possibly have Crouzon Dermo Skeletal Syndrome. This condition involves premature fusion of the skull bones, which affects the shape of the head and face.

Their love story is something worth sharing. It tells us that true love goes beyond outer looks. But it’s more of the beauty of a person deep within.

Their story reminded us to keep nurturing our heart because it is what makes us beautiful.

Here are some of the pictures of the lovely family:

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